About TV Video Clips

TV Video Clips is a customer oriented Television news monitoring service. Our services have been available since 1989. We can provide digital video recordings from the top 210 television markets in the United States, select international cities like London, broadcast news networks and cable news from the United States and certain international broadcasts as well. Combined, our team has decades of experience in television production and capture. Our IT department has developed proprietary equipment that captures television in high definition so that we can deliver the best quality video archive recordings in the industry.

Our HD clips are crystal clear and can be shown full screen with exceptional detail. We have already deployed this equipment in many markets, with more are being added all the time. Unlike many other media monitor services, we don’t charge more for HD video clips. We believe you should get the very best video - every time. It’s our responsibility to roll with the times and adapt our product to do just that. We pride ourselves on being the lowest priced national video clip/monitor service. Don’t overpay for video clips. Better Quality. Better Price.

TV Video Clips purchased are for personal use only and may not be used for broadcast, theatrical, or any other use which involves public exhibition.  It may be exhibited either to the agents, employees and representatives of the purchasers own organization or in the privacy of the purchasers own home, in either case without charge, and may NOT be copied, edited, broadcast or transmitted.